Been dubbed the "city of ghosts" in Cambodia, Bokor plateau gives visitors seem ruins of old French buildings, crumbling always hidden in the misty fog. However, after many years of development, it was revived and became a tourist destination attractive to many visitors looking to discover the beauty of mystery.

St. Ya Mao statue

On the way down the beach and go back to Sihanoukville Bokor plateau, visitors will have seen the statue saint worship giant Mao Ya is located roadside. With Cambodians, Bokor was governed by St. Ya Mao, woman legends associated with finding a husband, she is much revered Cambodian people when she sheltered on the stretch of road up Bokor. St. Ya Mao statue is located on the top Bokor, Mr. Sok Kong were up in May 2-2012, 22m high statue on a pedestal 15 meters, an area of ​​about 1,500m2. On the way to the plateau Bokor, many tourists and pilgrims often come to visit her subjects.
Thansur Bokor Highland Resort Resort

Nearly half a century was asleep, Bokor plateau had the biggest change to the appearance of Thansur Bokor Highland Resort Resort located in Preah Monivong Bokor National Park with 5-star luxury offers guests many amenities services, attractions such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, karaoke, entertainment, casino, spa, steam, ...
Temple In Boat

Five Pagoda Boat travel is not to be missed at Bokor plateau. Boat In Temple also known as Samprov Pram pagoda has unique architecture, surrounded by five rock to look like a boat. In particular, where the temple is located beautiful scenery to look at the majestic nature, from where visitors can see the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam, the French cathedrals were abandoned and filled with ancient moss shimmers fog.
Waterfalls Popokvil

Bokor plateau zone, travelers do not forget to visit and explore the waterfalls Popokvil. Popokvil between natural waterfalls, 2 cascading waterfalls include, surrounded by lush vegetation, creating a beautiful picture painted marine. In the rainy season from May to October is the ideal time for tourists to scenic waterfall at the most beautiful and cool delight.
Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park is one of 23 protected areas in Cambodia are the king issued a decree established in 1993. The park protects many rare animals and plants, trees and flowers are just the most beautiful found only on Mount Bokor. Coming to Bokor plateau tourists have the opportunity to find many species of trees and the most beautiful flowers, immersed in nature while exploring the jungle Arab cinema, watching the animals going extinct as Indian elephants, press , Asiatic black bears, Malayan bears, gibbons, macaques. the Sunda loris, red deer (India), deer mouse mouth, pangolin, Tern antique gold, ...