As a "strange angle" of the parish temples of Cambodia, the coastal city of Sihanoukville owned white sand beach along rhythm ravishing calm, friendly. In addition to the traditional tour road traveled by automobile, boot Vietravel tour this summer with direct flights to Sihanoukville cost-effective. Unique products only at Vietravel.
To Sihanoukville just ... "lightning" eye
Combined with Angkor Air airline, launched beam Vietravel tour to explore the city with direct flights Sihanoukville Sea "brand new" and "unique". Road tour gives visitors new experiences and ensuring their health. Instead of cars sitting over 8 hours, this trip HCMC - Sihanoukville shortened less than 1 hour flight so visitors have plenty of time to explore. From Sihanoukville travelers continuing flight to Seam Reap, just took nearly 1 hour than 8 hours away by road as before.
Referred to as "paradise of white sand" with beautiful beaches and many pristine islands, Sihanoukville pilgrims making captivate by fine sand like sugar and warm water from the Gulf of Thailand. Not only appease the sweltering summer of the tropics, it is also the ideal place for your date relax, enjoy seafood or drop station playing sports and engaging. At night, you go to the West bustling streets to discover the delicious food, cinemas, bars, shops ...
Off Sihanoukville, more than a dozen islands but tourists Koh Rong Samloem favorite than wild beauty, a rare quiet. Once you set foot on the island just wanted time to stop drifting and immerse yourself in the clear blue sea and beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish kick up. Do not forget to bring your camera to take the picture of romance and most impressive.
Bokor plateau - the world's most exotic places
Located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, the plateau Bokor year round cloud cover make guests feel like floating, hovering in midair. Just the whole hand is hugging white clouds into the heart. Leaving behind offers mountain pass with spectacular sleeve bends, you will encounter a mysterious Bokor both boys tinged red tape.
The early years of the 20th century, this former French resort with hotels, casinos, schools, churches, royal palaces ... Bokor - forgotten cities are now revived after a long sleep . The arrival of Bokor Highland Resort Thansur 5-star resort with all amenities: swimming pool, restaurant, casino, bar, karaoke Vietnamese and a play area for children ... that make it a vacation spot ideal support of four visitors, especially the Vietnamese guests.
Here, outside the palace ruins, Catholic churches, palaces bold moss, do not forget to visit the temple Samprov Pram (Five Boats) with 5 large rocks as fossils boat. You will be told the story "the most bizarre world" about the love story of Prince and Princess Preah Thong Aquarium Ya Mao Nagani or petrified about her husband waited on the mountain.
Touch the jewel of Angkor
During the journey to the land of temples, anyone who wished to set foot heritage mystical Angkor - Cambodia's most precious gems. The entire monument is located on a large area with more than 1,000 temples. Angkor Thom impressed by the smile mysterious Bayon thousand years overlooking the four directions is offering most emotional Angkor. Ta Prohm's Palace - where most tourists visit, once the world known for the film "The Secret Tomb" by actress Angelina Jolie in the lead role.
Wonders of Angkor Wat is considered the soul of the entire ruins of Angkor, built by numerous green stone. Full ownership of the temple sculptures to fascinating beauty, exuding power and hand the extraordinary virtuosity of ancient Khmer.
In the full itinerary was surprised, do not forget to enjoy the Apsara dance extremely impressive. Classical dance, is known for its quiet elegance, with noble gestures posture simulation of fairies descended. Dances express the desire for a life of peace, prosperity, praised the beauty of nature. Apsara is the property, the Cambodian national soul that any visitor is mesmerized.