Shwedagon Pagoda (Shwedagon Zedi Daw), or Golden Temple, in Yangon is considered the most sacred temple of Burma (now Myanmar). It features 4 treasures kept sacred for Buddhists, including rod Kakusandha Buddha, the Buddha's water filter Verse Na Ham, a piece of Kassapa Buddha, and 8 hairs of the Buddha Shakyamuni Golden Pavilion temple Stupa 98 meters high. The hilltop temple Singuttara, from here you can observe the city of Yangon.
From the foothills there are 4 ways to climb the temple. Each entrance to a pair chinthe (lion god) guarded. Entrance to the east and south there are many shops selling Buddhist shrine instruments and instrument practice. At the end of the entrance stairs to the south there is a portrait of Buddha second embodiment, ie Buddha Verse Na Ham.
De tower of brick, inlaid outside is golden plates. Empire Tower is a terrace on which only the monks and men are allowed to go on. Following is part of the bell tower. On the bell tower is the hat. On the tower is a fake caps like the lotus. On the author of the lotus flower is a banana shape, and then on again is the crown. Crown section called parasols (HTI) is encrusted with 5448 diamonds and 2317 rubies. On the same side as the flag and the picture in the highest positions diamond bud attached a 76-carat diamond (15 g).
Round tower of beaten gold is gold laminated sheets are the artisans crafted by traditional techniques. The faithful offered to buy the gold plates to wash into the temple tower. The rise of this golden era began with Queen Shin Sawbu.
Myanmar Shwedagon Pagoda discover one of the most ideal of tourists visiting Myanmar, the temple is located right in the center of Yangon. Shwedagon is considered Myanmar's most sacred temple. Legend has it that, two merchant brothers who are Taphussa and Bhallika Burma to India trade and Buddhist enlightenment. When returning home, they bring treasures to 8 hairs of the Buddha Sakyamuni. Along with the help of the king at the time of Myanmar is Okkalapa, the brothers had built to keep the Shwedagon Pagoda that the Buddha's hair. Up to now, the Shwedagon has over 2500 years old, deserves as one of the oldest temples in the world and perfect.
Shwedagon golden temple is a symbol of Myanmar, central yellow tower 99m high pagoda is the center of the temple. Initially, it more than 8 meters high. Until King Binnya U revised, it was raised more than 20 meters. Shinsawbu queen raised a 40-meter high tower and also paved hill and hilltop temple courtyard paved. Then continuous temple was built and added, to the 15th century it had reached 98 meters high under King Dhammazedi. To the 16th century, gold pagoda Shwedagon has become one of the sacred temples and most majestic in Burma (now Myanmar).
Myanmar customs are strange people, their own people from the clergy to the farmers whoever does their excess wealth are buying gold to donate the temple, to preserve the beauty of the temple. This practice started from the 15th century under Queen Shin Sawbu people, and continued to this day.
Coming to Myanmar tours you will admire the beauty of the tower. This golden spire is divided into 3 main sections: the bottom of the tower, the tower and the tower itself. Empire Tower is made of brick, inlaid outside the thin gold plates. Each gold leaf size 20 x 20 cm is attached to the body by rivets tower. Gold inlaid around the tower are the gold plates are laminated artisans crafted by traditional techniques. The bottom half of the tower covered in gold leaf 8688, is 13 153 leaves to the upper half. Peak tower-shaped crown, studded with 5448 diamonds, 2317 ruby, sapphire and other precious stones, and gold in 1065 the bell rang with strange sounds. On the flag at the top of the tower, there is a diamond weighing 76 carats to.
Whether daytime when bright sunlight or at night under the lights lit up the whole precincts and especially the Gold Tower tops always flashed a light majestic, magnificent. But the time to admire the best Shwedagon comes to dusk, while the bright yellow pagoda on dark blue sky, reflecting the rays of a sunset last peaceful day. Coming to Myanmar tour, you will unleash admire this beautiful scene.