This is the path Kyoto's Higashiyama foothills, is a great path to walk around Kyoto. Stroll along a tree-lined canal cherry and visit shrines, temples, gardens and shops. It is a small paved path along the water channel of Lake Biwa. The road is only about 2 kilometers long and takes about half an hour walk. However, the best is that visitors should spend at least a few hours to explore the scenery along the way. The area also has many restaurants, where visitors can try katsu curry, in which the main ingredient is bread intestine, participate in a tea ceremony and kaiseki, a dinner many traditional dishes. At 2 canal with sakura flowers grown slightly curved arch. Sakura flowers blooming season, while the road is like a tunnel Sakura, beautiful scenery should be very crowded tourists from home and abroad to visit. On the eastern side of the lake is the Higashiyama forest, brilliant red dye in red leaf season, beauty can not be described in words. This just every scene was enough to satisfy for a tour and then, however, surrounding many other attractions are also attractions. This place is also the starting point of the program Higashiyama walking up the mountain.

The road was built in the years 1868-1912, has been called "The Way of the literati", was crossing by picturesque bridges and surrounded by greenery. But then the philosopher Nishida Ikutaro was walking on the road and it was renamed "The Path of Philosophy" or "thinking path". In 1972, during a campaign conducted preserve local monuments, it was officially named the "Path of Philosophy" as the present. The road started a small walkway from the Bank of Self, where you will see a moss garden, a dry sand gardens and incredible works temple with statues of Bodhisattva of compassion. From here you will pass by Honen-in Temple, Temple Anraku-ji, and two shrines with beautiful gardens.
The area has many attractions such successive Ginkaku-ji, Honen-in, Reikan-ji (famous for flowers Tsubaki), Eikan-do (target point is the most famous red) Nyakuoji (town household worship ). "The Path of Philosophy" was voted into the "Top 100 beautiful streets of Japan", the road stretches connecting the above attractions. On this path the ancient people used to stroll the old days and think, thinking, writing. Over the many years, today's modern man is still the same ancestors, just walking on the road, just reflect on the life of the success of our forebears of old. This is an interesting point in Higashiyama trip.
The road will take you close to Eikando Temple, built at the foot of a hill. The works of the temple were connected by wooden walkways. In the fall, the temple is open late into the evening and lighting for brilliant red of the leaves in the garden shine. Nanzen-ji temple is situated on the road last philosopher. Free access to the main campus of the Nanzen-ji temple, but visitors must pay to admire some works inside. Travelers should you climb to the top of the San-mon Gate portal with views across the city and visit the residence of the head monk to contemplate Zen rock garden, and gold tiger paintings on the sliding doors. Guests also easily caught restaurants, cafes, and shops selling everything be presented along this path, some small temples and shrines are also nearby, just a few steps from the canal foot. The temple is most remarkable temple Honen-in, with the path to the most beautiful ports in the autumn leaves fall.

The canal that runs along the road, which is part of the Lake Biwa canal, 20 km long channel across the mountains to Lake Biwa near Shiga Prefecture. The canal was built in the Meiji to improve the stagnant economy of the locality, and the channel has been used as a source of energy for the first hydroelectric power plant in Japan. The road is located in the district of Higashiyama Philosophy and the most appropriate to visit the cherry blossom season in April and yellow autumn leaves red leaves at the end of November gradient.