Venice (Venezia under Italian) is a city in northeastern Italy, on the Adriatique coast, in the Gulf of Venice. The city is situated on 118 islands in a bay stretching 60km, 4km wide, and is connected to the mainland by the unique works of art.
It is calculated that the city has about 200 canals and 400 bridges to cross the channel, many bridges have since ancient times and is the valuable architectural works, of which the most famous is the Rialto Bridge was built from sixteenth century, only a stone arch connecting the two large islands of the city. If 3.8 kilometers long Grand Canal divides the city into two unequal parts and has 3 bridges pass.
Along with the canal is rectangular embankment is the bridge. There are more than 400 large and small bridges. Venice is the only city in the world has so many needs. It is noteworthy that with the bridge design engineer - the road to the city, we also invite architects to beautify each bridge, making the bridge becomes poetic and not repetitive.
Venetian concept: the bridge was the rendezvous, it was also a place to admire its beauty, can stand on it but watch the river crept into the city and the boat quiet, peaceful backwards downstream. Bridges also to people standing on it to savor, to enjoy the windy from the sea, looking at the printed Watching the poetry of each house ancient and sophisticated architecture from the Renaissance on which is full of sculptures beautiful carved to perfection. At night people up there watching the moon, watching a thousand lights reflected on the canal and then the boat brandishing make them even more water sparkling ... All these aesthetic elements that make Venice seem very own make up the reputation "Venice city on water wonders". And so, the concept of the bridge is extended so that the same!
Byron King once called this place "fairytale city of the heart". It is known by the touching love story, as the capital of romance stories. The city was doing crazy, attracting both the mind and heart of those who once set foot to visit this place. Then, when leaving, the visitors always desire to once again visit this beautiful city. But around this city is the shallow lake, but its history is deep as the ocean to the far outside.
Museums and palaces in Venice has exhibited many famous works of art in the world. The main highlights are works by major masters hand painted art. They are Giovanni, Titian, Tintoretto, Giorgione and many other artists. The only way you can discover all that is Venice boat or on foot.
Today, Venice retains important cultural status and tourist activities are developed. But Venice is somewhat degraded again: the background of the bay tends gradually decline, large tidal amplitude, and environmental pollution problems caused difficulties threatening nature of the cultural heritage of the city . After floods dated 11.04.1966, the Italian Government had to spend a huge amount of money but no relief nowhere. And UNESCO have quickly organized a "campaign" timely relief for cultural heritage.
For lovers, Venice is "holy love" that everyone once in a lifetime dream was to come and experience.
The name Venice (Venezia follow or local language) derived from ancient VENETI lived around the 10th century BC. According to the Latin, means love Venice. So, it was named the city of love. In addition, Venice is also known for the "nickname" like floating cities, the city of masks, city of bridges, the city of canals ...
Venice is one of the heritage known in the world. On average, every day there were 50,000 visitors to Venice.
In history, Venice is a business center, great art. It is also the hometown of many famous musicians such as Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Picchi ... Today, Venice is also a fashion center of Italy and great shopping.
Historically, these bridge functions as roads, transport activities are taking place or on the water or on foot. Venice is a special thing unique urban parks in Europe in the 21st century that exists absolutely no cars and trucks.
Gondola transport is most characteristic of Venice. That kind of Venetian boat neck, small, long, used very popular for tourists, even in weddings, funerals.
Images of the gondola drifted on the still waters, wool through the small alleyways, singing melodious in boatman always left the mark never faded in the tourists.
Venice attracts tourists by the Canal Grande, meaning Large channels - the main traffic arteries of the city. Canal Grande also been dubbed the world's most beautiful boulevards.
Large boat trip along the canal, we will admire the unique architecture of the building on both sides of the channel, especially the Yellow Ca 'd'Oro, Venice's most beautiful edifice built of granite colors and gilt decorated facade reputation Rialto bridge, stop place of the lovers.
Blue water, boats crowded wharf, restaurants, hotels, crowded pub is a separate beauty, only Venice. Stations seem equivocal after, Venice's magnificent longer a simple beauty, tranquility of the old town.
Deep into Venice, tourists like to get lost in the maze of small alleys full of high-rise houses with colorful balconies, wooden doors and the lovely flower pots.
Venetian cuisine is famous for its seafood dishes oriental flavor that few places in Italy have been. You can enjoy local specialties such as traditional pasta dishes, cakes and traditional drinks, wine Do Mori, Amarone, Bardolino ...
Venice is famous carnival takes place in February each year. At this festival, citizens and visitors will jointly present the costumes, masks unique and splendid, joyous harmonic music throughout the streets.
The mask is a very popular product in Venice. The masks are made of plaster, decorated with gaudy feathers, gold leaf and studded with stones is the choice of most travelers want to choose a souvenir.
Also, glassware, bags, leather wallets are also colorful local produce that many visitors enjoy.
Once come to this place, you will see Venice in her distant ancient beauty with the ancient twisting streets, tube style multiple windows, unique architecture, the romantic love story.

You try to write the name of someone you love to the red bricks here to see, to know where you get a durable love, like they talk to each other.