For couples, Venice is a "love land" that everyone dreams of once in their lifetime to come and experience. Located in northeastern Italy, it is possible to imagine Venice as a giant spider web composed of 118 islands and 175 canals, islands connected by 444 bridges. Situated at the crossroads of sea-lanes between a large part of Western Europe and the rest of the world, Venice in the past was a maritime empire and an area preparing for the Crusades. , As well as an important trade center of the European Renaissance. The name Venice (or Venezia dialect) originates from the ancient Venetian people living around the 10th century BC. In Latin, Venice means love. So, it was dubbed the city of love. In addition, Venice is also known for its "nicknames" such as floating city, city of mask, city of bridges, canals city... Venice is a city located in northeastern Italy and famous for its canals. It stretches over 118 small islands separated by about 150 canals and the islands on which are connected by about 400 bridges. In Venice, canals play an important role as roads, so transportation is mainly by water or by foot. With the most romantic and romantic beauty in Europe, Venice is home to many beautiful names such as "city of canals", "city of water", "city of love"...
Travel time
In Venice, there are two seasons and the fall is a time of frequent floods and heavy rains, especially between the middle of October and the end of February. So summer is the peak season in the city. present. However, the best time to visit and explore is between late March and May, as the flood season is over, the climate is calm, and you can enjoy the peace. And most interesting in Venice without worrying too crowded. Another suggestion for you is to come to Venice in the winter, when the fog on the river creates a romantic scene and fascinating charm. Venice is one of the world's most well-known heritages. On average, every day up to 50,000 visitors to Venice.
Historically, Venice is a major commercial and art center. This is also home to many famous musicians such as Antonio Vivaldi, Giovanni Picchi ... Today, Venice is also a major fashion and shopping center of Italy. Not only that, bridges function as roads, all traffic takes place either on water or on foot. One particular thing Venice is the only metropolitan area in Europe in the 21st century that exists without completely cars and trucks. The Gondola is Venice's most characteristic means of transport. It is the ancient sailing ship of Venice, small, long, used very popular for tourists, even during the wedding ceremony, funeral. Pictures of the gondola drifting idle on the calm water, wade through the alleyways, melodious in the singing of the boatman always leave marks never fade in the heart of visitors. Venice attracts visitors by the Grand Canal, meaning the Grand Canal - the city's main traffic circuit. Canal Grande is also known as the world's most beautiful boulevard.
Boating along the Grand Canal, you will be able to admire the unique architecture of the buildings on both sides of the canal, especially the Ca 'd'Oro Gold House, the most beautiful Venetian mansion built of multicolored marble And gold-plated decorations on the façade and the famous Rialto Bridge, where couples stop. The clear blue water, the wharf set on boats, restaurants, hotels, crowded pubs is a private beauty, only in Venice. Fill up after the splendor, the magnificent of Venice is also a simple beauty, tranquility of the old town.
Going deep into Venice, visitors get lost in the labyrinth of small alleys full of colorful buildings with balconies, wooden doors and beautiful flower pots.

Venice is famous for its costume festival that takes place every February. At this festival, people and visitors will come together with unique costumes and masks, and enjoy the music of the busy streets. Masks are a very popular product in Venice. The mask is made of plaster, decorated with feather feather, gold leaf and stone encrustation is the choice of the majority of visitors to choose a souvenir. In addition, glassware, bags, multi-colored leather wallets are also local products that attract many visitors. Once upon a time, you will find Venice bewitched by its ancient beauty, its ancient streets, its narrow streets, its multi-windowed houses, its unique architecture, its romance. You try to write the name of the lover on the pink brick here, maybe know you will have a long-lasting love as people always say to each other.